Five Minute Friday Grief

           "But, I don't want to write about grief." I thought as I read Kate's Five Minute Friday post this week. I know deep in my soul grief is a necessary part of healing, but it was one that I would much rather skip if I'm being totally honest. I have people counting on me. I don't have time to fall apart I tell myself. I got to keep moving. I need to distract myself. If I start crying how will I make myself stop. I am ashamed that this still hurts. It has been almost three years. He has moved on. Life has moved on. Why is it so hard for me to move forward? In these moments I need to remember that God is with me. I need to remember that there is no set time table for grief. I need to stop holding on and just be held.

Five Minute Friday When A Cancellation Is A Blessing

           I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it more now than I was a couple of weeks ago. A few weeks ago, I thought my children were going to be with their Dad at Thanksgiving, but plans changed and he had to cancel. When he told me that he wouldn't be able to spend Thanksgiving with the,children. I started thinking about all the fun things I could do with my kids the week they have off for Thanksgiving. Has there ever been a time when a cancellation has been a blessing? I would love to read your story in the comments.

There is Hope Ahead

           When I read the word ahead, I thought of a book that greatly encouraged me on my journey of healing   Hope Ahead  by Barb Mulvey and Cris Paulson. This book reminded that in the middle of shattered promises, in the midst of broken dreams that there is hope ahead. I am so thankful that my hope does not have to be in temporal things. "My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.' I am grateful that I have this hope that is an anchor for my soul. Our God does not change. His compassion never fail. Nothing comes as a surprise to God. He is with us each step of the way. Because of God's love for each of us there is truly hope ahead.

Five Minute Friday Vote

          I am thankful for the right to vote, and that I can teach my children history of voting on the US. My children and I discussed the fact that women have only been able to vote in this country for a century. I had one child tell me that they knew this already. This child was unimpressed with the history lesson. My children will sometimes complain when choices are made for them. They would like the opportunity to make choices for themselves. I have told them that even adults don't always get to choose various things that may happen in our lives. Sometimes I wish hard choices were made for me.  There have been times where the multitude of choices have overwhelmed me. This is when I focus on a lesson I learned from Emily Freeman's book 'The Next Right Thing." Choose to do the next right thing in love. For me right now, that is to admire the art that my children are creating at the kitchen table. What is your next right thing?

Five Minute Friday Disappoint

          I hate disappointing people. Whether it be disappointing God, my kids, my parents, other family members or friends, it grieves me to hear disappointment in their voice or to see an expression of disappointment on their face. It is hard for me to pray if I know I disappointed God. If my Dad told me that he was disappointed in me as a kid, it would cause me to want to fix the situation and make it right. I have learned that being humble and saying I'm sorry is important first step when I have disappointed someone. Also making an effort to make the situation better is vital in relieving the sting of disappointment. When it is a situation that I cannot fix offering grace and love and just being present with the disappointed person is a way to comfort others on a disappointing day. How do you deal with life's disappointments? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Five Minute Friday Hold

     One truth that I remind myself of often is that I don't need to try to hold everything together, God does. God holds everything together, and He loves each of us more than we can imagine. My daughter was talking to me this morning about how love connects her to family members that live on the other side of the country. I am glad that she can rely on these connections. I am glad that my daughter knows that she has many family members that love her. May these relationships continue to be a place of love and support as she grows older.

Free to fly A #Oneword 2020 update

         I was given a beautiful gift recently from Hope Ahead Ministries these two beautiful necklaces pictured below. The necklaces are a visual reminder that true freedom comes from Jesus. These necklaces remind me of something that one of my friends who is pastor said. He describes our spiritual growth as a caterpillar that has changed into a butterfly. One would never describe calls a butterfly as a caterpillar that was changed by metamorphosis. A butterfly is simply a butterfly. A butterfly is free to fly. Because of Jesus, I am made new. I am free. May I remember to live and walk in freedom daily. Remembering this freedom is part of living a life of shalom which is my #Oneword for this year.  I want to embrace my freedom in Christ and find healing and wholeness, shalom in him.